Berlin International Brass provide workshops in schools to teach children about the brass instrument family. The workshops for primary school children include live performances of different styles of music from baroque to pop, and feature demonstrations of different types of brass instruments: trumpets, french horn and trombone. There are interactive explanations on the physics of sound, acoustics and the history of brass instruments.

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Our school was recently lucky enough to enjoy the talents of the Berlin International Brass. The group played a wide range of pieces and genres which kept the students (ranging from grades 1 to 6) absolutely enthralled. The performance was interactive, informative and fun. I was bombarded with positive feedback from students and staff alike for days afterward. I hope you will visit us again soon!

Adrienne Edmonds
Music Teacher
Berlin Bilingual School

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Berlin International Brass visited the Blessington No.1 School and the 3rd to 6th classes enjoyed a fantastic workshop. The musical instruments were introduced and various pieces of music were played. Pupils participated fully and the whole workshop was pitched perfectly at their level.

Music is a very important aspect in the life of our school and all pupils from 2nd to 6th classes are learning musical instruments. This workshop greatly enhanced their learning.  Junior Classes joined towards the end of the workshop and they were enthralled by the whole experience.

Many thanks to Berlin Brass and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Evelyn Scott
Blessington No.1 School